Destination: UK

It’s Sunday night and, for once, I’m excited to go to work tomorrow. “What? No way, not possible!” My former self would have thought this to be crazy. The reason for this madness is the fact that tomorrow I can collect my visa and find out, for sure, if our grand plan will come to fruition.

Let’s backtrack.

After finally making the decision to move overseas we immediately decided on Germany. After travelling to Berlin a few years ago, we crammed in as much as we could for the few days there before moving on to Amsterdam. We loved the experience but only scratched the surface of what Berlin, and Germany in general, have to offer. At risk of falling for the stereotype, I’d love to live in a society where everything is done perfectly and people show up to meetings exactly on time. It might just be a crush, but I think me and Germany are soul mates.

We both applied to various jobs in both Berlin and Munich: teaching for Justin, media for me. I sneakily called my HR representative to ask him to put me in touch with the German office of our company – I wasn’t ready to tell my boss yet, just in case something went wrong and our plan didn’t work. Justin emailed various international schools (schools that teach in both English and German) asking whether they’d be willing to hire from April 2016.

After a few automatic responses – thank you for your interest, we’ll get back to you (which they didn’t) – and a few genuine replies – thank you for your interest, however we aren’t hiring right now – we wondered if Germany was really the best option. Is moving to a non-English speaking country a silly idea? Moving overseas was a huge step in itself.

After a lot of deliberation we decided that, maybe, the UK was a better option. No language barrier means that instead of just international schools, Justin could work at any school. I have professional contacts in London and there are so many media agencies based there.

That brings me back to now: waiting. Tomorrow will bring the news of whether our lives are going to change forever. The alternative is almost unbearable!


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