Phone call

For those of you who live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, life can be tough. All you want to do is come home from a busy day at work and be greeted by an excited face or have an excuse to go to the park on the weekend. I live close enough to the city that for the rent I’m willing to sacrifice, the best we can do is an apartment. It’s a nice one, but missing the vital feature for happy dogs: grass.

About once every month, we visit the dogs at the RSPCA. Not because we’re ready to rescue one, but to pretend. It’s just a big tease and we always go home feeling slightly sad but all those excited, happy dogs undeniably make us excited for the future and for the day we can one day take one home.

Gorgeous dog
This gorgeous Border Collie x Australian Kelpie, Dot, is from the Animal Welfare League of Queensland. RSPCA for visiting, AWLQ for Facebook viewing.

Two weeks ago, we’d made the drive out to the shelter and as we were about to get out of the car, the Bluetooth started ringing as Justin received a phone call. Our car is relatively new (new to us, not new new) so we’re still getting used to this feature (my old car was not so fancy!) so it took a few tries to answer it. After he finally took the call, and after much waiting for the call to end (I just wanted to get inside to the doggies) Justin came over to me with a big smile and some interesting news.

He’d been offered a ten-week teaching job!

The job was for term one – perfect, as he graduates in December. The students would be in high school – exactly what he’s after. The position is in Leogang, Austria – what? The job is to teach and mentor a group of elite junior skiers while they train on the renowned slopes of Leogang, ensuring they didn’t fall behind in their studies.

I immediately got very excited. An almost-three-month holiday in Austria! I can ski! I can travel to France or Switzerland to see a castle or back to Prague or even to London! We can go back to the Berlin Zoo (did I mention I love animals, sometimes more than people?) and continue my search for the perfect Italian pizza! What an exciting opportunity for Justin. Teaching elite skiers? Dream job.

All of these thoughts rushed around my head for a few seconds before I remembered I have a job. A good one! I can’t quit my job. Can I? For a ten-week holiday where I wouldn’t be earning any money? If anyone else did that, it would seem silly. I can’t let Justin go overseas for three months while I stay in (not-exciting) Brisbane. We’ve always dreamed of going back to Europe and it was going to be hard to say no to this, but my logical brain was telling me to let it go.

I’ll be back in a few days to continue the story and to share the adventure.


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